Are there risks in textile care?

Absolutely, and their possibility should be taken into consideration prior to authorizing services. There are many unknown variables involved with caring for, cleaning and protecting textiles. This is especially true in the high-end market because these are the trend setting items; they set the precedent of stylishness instead of following it and thus can present challenges in caring for them. Therefore it should be known that although rare in frequency, problems can and do occur. All services are performed at the sole risk of the owner. If you have particular concerns regarding your textiles, please articulate them to your Textile Care Specialist when they arrive at your home or office.

I don't have time to wait for you to arrive; can you give me an exact arrival time?

No problem. While we cannot be specific when scheduling, we would be happy to call you in advance of our arrival on the day of our appointment so that you could meet the specialist there.

Should I renew my annual Textile Care Service Plan?

Like insurance, when you don't think you need it any longer, you often discover (usually unpleasantly) that you simply shouldn't go without it. Designed by our clients themselves, our service plans are a wise investment if you truly treasure your textile investments. Rest easy knowing that your textiles have a plan for when the inevitable spill, pet accident, smudge or smear occurs. Need more reasons? First, consider that the replacement cost of any one item that could have otherwise been saved via up to date protective treatment and priority spot cleaning service almost always outweighs the cost of applying the protection in the first place. Add to the actual cost the following considerations: How long would it take to replace any one item? Is the fabric still available? If yes, will the dye lot match satisfactorily? If no, and the damaged item is a dining chair, what is the cost to reupholster the set? Second, be aware that protective treatment wears off over time and needs to be reapplied periodically (especially for regular use, high value and unique textiles). We recommend annual reapplication for most items. Finally, a sobering statistic: Over the years it is estimated that we have saved (from permanent damage) millions of dollars worth of textiles via our service plans.

Why is Christopher's expensive?

From the very beginning, Christopher's has specialized in the care and cleaning of high-end textiles. We are not to be confused with yellow page cleaners. If you have invested significant time and expense into your carpet, rugs and upholstered furniture (indoor and outdoor) then it only makes sense to trust the care aspects to a service that specializes in this arena. Our Textile Care Specialists have the experience, knowledge and the best tools available to care for your investments. Quality, integrity and value are the foundation of our service.

Anyone can clean! How are you different?

True, just about anyone can clean (sort of). Likewise, just about anyone can use a hammer. Would you allow 'just anyone' to build your home? Unlikely. The truth of the matter is that the cleaning industry (like any other industry) has a wide spectrum of quality levels. There are coupon cleaners offering 'Any 3 Rooms for $99' deals and there are Textile Conservationists who care for one-of-a-kind and museum pieces, then there is everyone in-between. Each provider serves their own niche. Christopher's specializes in the care of high-end textiles and we invest in our people by requiring and providing ongoing training. We are a small company and most of our clients know all of our Textile Care Specialists by name. Would you really feel comfortable placing your textile care needs in the hands of non-professionals considering the time and expense you have gone through selecting and purchasing your textiles?

Do you clean mattresses?

Yes. Mattress cleaning is upholstery cleaning with an additive to combat dust mites.

How often should my mattresses be cleaned?

Literature suggests cleaning quarterly although semi-annually is probably sufficient (opinion only).

Are you Bonded?

Our specialists are not bonded. Christopher's has been in this business since 1993 and has never had a problem. We have a small staff of well-trained, ethical and professional individuals.