Christopher's, Inc. was founded by entrepreneur Christopher Myers in 1993 on the premise that people who truly invest in their interiors will want to care for them responsibly and would share the philosophy that there are no substitutes for quality, integrity, and value. 

The company began in Los Angeles, California after meeting with an Interior Designer who led Christopher to believe there was a niche market in high-end textile care. In the exclusive high-end market, there were a few providers of fabric protection services, but not one cleaning outfit who offered one-stop-shop concept for long term care of all textiles used in or outside the home. To name a few, Christopher’s clients in Los Angeles included Hollywood’s A-List such as Madonna, Mimi Rogers, Steven Spielberg, and Imagine Entertainment. 

Christopher’s success moved him to East Coast, specifically the DC Metropolitan Area. The company followed the same philosophy and principles since its conception. 

  • Quality - Invest in the best possible people, equipment, and training and provide a positive team oriented work environment focused on providing excellent customer satisfaction. 
  • Integrity - To remain steadfast throughout the corporation on matters of integrity based on sincerity, professionalism, and trustworthiness.
  • Value - Ceaselessly create ways to build value while never overcharging (eliminates integrity) and never undercharging (erodes foundation of quality). 

Today, Christopher’s continues to specialize in the cleaning, care, and protection of high-end/luxury carpet, rugs, upholstered furniture, and outdoor cushions and umbrellas. Our primary market is the Washington, DC metropolitan region, although we have provided services for clients in Los Angeles, Vail, New York, Boston, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard (and more). Additionally, Christopher’s has developed and branded two successful products: a spot cleaner for carpet and rugs AND an upholstery brush to help maintain the appearance of fine furniture.

With a 25 year history at the forefront of the luxury interior care industry, Christopher’s represents textile care and cleaning at its best.