Definition: A topically applied, repellency enhancement for fabrics, rugs and carpets.

For more than 20 years we have been applying the best available protective treatments to luxury textiles. The benefits speak clearly for themselves. Increased repellency means it’s less likely for routine spills to soak in; dust and other particulate soils slip free from treated fiber more easily and therefore less abrasive cleaning techniques can be used to achieve equal results. 

While there is no such thing as a ‘cure-all’, applying a protectant to your textiles is a prudent choice to help safeguard your textile investment. Secure the peace of mind that allows you to more fully and comfortably enjoy your fine interiors.

General Questions:

What are the options for application of Fabric Protection?

À la carte

Priced by the piece/item

Textile Care Service Plan

Priced per room
Follow-up spot cleaning and many other options included

What is the cost?

À la carte

Upholstery - $25 per linear foot
Carpet/Rugs - $2 per square foot

Textile Care Service Plans

Starting at $650
4 Plans to choose from

What are the plan highlights?

  • 1-Year Service Agreement
  • Comprehensive A-Z care solution
  • As many rooms as you want
  • Fabric Protection for all textiles that you select (in plan rooms)
  • FREE Spot Cleaning Visits (Weekdays)*
  • DISCOUNTED Spot Cleaning Visits (Weekends)*
  • DISCOUNTED Overall/General Cleaning*
  • PRIORITY Scheduling for all services.
  • More!

*Differing amounts per plan.

What are the details of the Textile Care Service Plans?

*All plans have a term of one year.

What should I expect when the specialist arrives at my home?

When our Textile Care Specialist arrives at your home, you can expect a pleasant and knowledgeable professional who takes pride in carefully applying their craft. They will pre-test everything they will treat to determine safety. Next, they will brush and vacuum all carpet, rugs, and upholstery as needed or by request. Finally they will apply the treatment to the selected textiles. NOTE: Cushions will be left in upright position for drying.  Allow 6-8 hours of drying time (dry to the touch) before allowing foot traffic or replacing cushions. Note: In extremely rare circumstances drying time may take up to 24 hours.  

The Fine Print

Rooms/Living Spaces: Single stairs and halls count as one living space, likewise with a single stairway (no matter how many floors it reaches). However, a stairway and hall with carpet that is connected/continuous is together one living space. A room or living space with only a single item can be included with another room at the discretion of your Textile Care Specialist. For example, a kitchen with a small banquette could be added to another room and would not count as a room/space by itself. Protective Treatment Application: Each Textile Care Service Plan allows you to either protect only those textiles that you are most concerned about or everything in a room/living space without impacting rates. If a plan is not for you, ask about our a la carte option. Either way, the plan is as you like it. Spot Cleaning Visits (no-charge): Spot cleaning visits have a maximum time allowance of 30 minutes of actual cleaning time. This is ample time to carefully clean even the worst spot, spill or accident. After 30 minutes, ½ price spot cleaning rates and a minimums apply. Schedule status shall remain consistent with your plan. Remember both treated and untreated textiles are included if the room is on your plan. Scheduling for clients with service plans take precedence 365 days a year.