Definition: Localized cleaning (not overall) for accidental spots, spills, pet accidents and the byproducts of being human.

Life’s little accidents on carpet and upholstery often need professional attention. Despite the volume of information available to the do-it-yourselfer on the internet, it is wise to consider the cost of your textile investment against the fact that inadequate or improper spotting techniques often create permanent stains.

Either way, the sooner incidentals (spot, spills, etc…) are given attention, the better the chance for success (100% removal). Stains from acids, dyes and bleaches, and many pen inks are almost always permanent. Likewise, many food dyes, although ingestible, will permanently blemish most natural and synthetic fibers. However, some good news is that most oil and water-based spots are either soluble or dissolvable and therefore provide a basis for satisfying results.

Reasonable Expectations

It is impossible to accurately predict the results of spot cleaning because there are many unknown variables. Therefore, as professionals, it is our policy never to do so. Our goal is to achieve the greatest cleaning results reasonably possible using a combination of:

  • Competent professionals
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and solutions
  • Time-tested methods and procedures
  • Extensive experience taking care of luxury textiles


You can schedule by email or phone. Staff is available to answer questions and schedule appointments from 8am-4pm weekdays. In order to best meet your needs and provide the most accurate estimate, you will be asked several questions regarding the carpet and/or rugs in need of cleaning. These questions generally include:

  • Nature of the spill (e.g., coffee, wine, pet accident, other…).
  • The attempts made to clean the spot. Note: It is important to be forthright regarding the products used to clean a spot (e.g., off the shelf or home remedies). Our specialist will need to address both the spot and the cleaning product used.
  • A description of the item to be cleaned (e.g., sofa, wall-to-wall, headboard, etc…)
  • The location (e.g., living room, master bedroom).
  • Has the item has been previously professionally cleaned?
  • Whether the item has been treated with fabric protection.