Being the biggest has no importance to us.  Our passion, is about being the best.

Fabric Protection

The quintessential first step of responsible care for luxury fabrics, carpets and rugs. It’s not a cure-all, but anything that can decrease the likelihood of a permanent blemish when life’s little accidents occur, is a welcomed guest in any home.

Rugs, Upholstery & Carpet

When it comes to furniture, carpet, and rugs, routine overall cleaning with top-of-the-line equipment and time tested techniques is the name of the ‘looking-fresh-for-longer’ game. The old saying ’Don’t put off until tomorrow...’ could not be more true.


Outdoor Textiles

Don’t forget about these!  Outdoor cushions and umbrellas require much more maintenance than you might expect. We tinkered and toiled until we came up with our proprietary method to effectively care for these items (and we’ll even store them for you in the off-season)!