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Periodic general carpet / area rug cleaning is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but more importantly for health reasons. A carpet does not have to look soiled to be in need of cleaning. In fact, once a carpet looks soiled, it is overdue for professional attention. Christopher's recommends following an interim cleaning schedule as opposed to the more common restorative cleaning approach. Due to the obvious benefit of increased repellency, the application of fabric protection is always recommended after the full cleaning of carpets and rugs. For more, see our frequently asked questions.

Staff is available to answer questions and schedule appointments from 8 am - 4 pm weekdays. In order to best meet your needs and provide the most accurate estimate, you will be asked several questions regarding the carpet or rug in need of cleaning.

These questions generally include:
   A description of item to be cleaned (e.g., wall-to-wall, runner,
   area rug).
   The location (e.g., living room, master bedroom).
   The size (e.g., large master bedroom, small study, 8x10 rug).
   The soil level of each item in terms of Heavy, Medium, or Light.
   The type of carpet / rug fiber.
   The age of the floor covering.
   Has the carpet been professionally cleaned in the past.
   When purchased, or after the last professional cleaning, was
   carpet treated with fabric protection.

All services are C.O.D. Visa, MasterCard,
American Express and personal checks accepted.

Reasonable expectations:
It is impossible to accurately predict the results of carpet / rug cleaning because there are many unknown variables. Therefore, as professionals, it is our policy never to do so. Our goal is to achieve the greatest cleaning results reasonably possible using a combination of:
   Competent professionals.
   Top-of-the-line equipment and solutions.
   Time-tested methods and procedures.
   Extensive knowledge of high-end interiors.

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